Right now it looks like a toss up between a thunderstorm, heat lightning, or giant flash photography tonight. I’m kind of hoping to get some rain to sleep to…

I’ve been up for 6 1/2 hours and I’m absolutely exhausted! Changed the oil in my car, fixed a hub cap, and made two types of cookies (so far) to send to my bro via care package. I’m not ready to make the move to days if being up during daylight hours is already so tiring.

The disappearing act fighting disordered eating as a masculine-of-center woman    →


"Feminine people are supposed to be so small that they disappear. That they maybe make themselves disappear in that quest for lightness, for smallness, for compactness. Like flowers being pressed until they’re flat. Not all feminine people do it, but I think most of them feel the pressure."
- Ali (Autostraddle)